Babol Cachemire Milano

warm emotion

Babol collection comes from the love with which I raise and dress my children every day. Items of clothing in which I have transferred my emotions in a handmade way, with maximum care and exclusively using the highest quality Italian yarns and fabrics. With the same passion, Babol also creates tailor-made garments with a wide range of customization possibilities, as it can also repeat the same gestures in men and women’s cashmere knitwear, dedicated to mums and dads.


I am 36 and I am married with Alberto. We have three children: Francesco (Checco), who is 13, Lapo, who is 10, and little Brando, who is 5. We live happily in Tuscany. Before embarking on this wonderful adventure, I worked very hard, travelling very much, for my family business, which is very important and well established internationally in the textile field. I have breathed fashion air since I was a child, acquiring a great sensitivity to those materials that we are using today for our creations. Sometimes I call myself a fashion victim because of my obsessive attention to the current trends, which I love to revise according to my interpretation. Besides fashion, my passions are foreign languages, literature and journeys.