Info Cachemire

Cachemire is considered one of the finest fibers in terms of softness, thinness and color The Fiber comes from a selection of the softest hair from tibetan goats fur, which is brushed during the winter season in order to separate the tickets hair from the finest.; from each animal you can obtain only about 120 gr of fibre, which is not even enough for a jumper. Actually for a jumper you will need to collect hair from 6 animals, this is why the price is so high.

Each garment is worked on original handlooms by the expert hands of professional knit-workers.
Every part is produced with a single drop-stich and then wisely sewn together and refined before being washed, dried and closely controlled for the best quality standard.

We only use yarns of the higher standard made of:
100% cashmere, yarn count 2/28
blends of silk and cashmere, worsted
blends of wool and cashmere

Washing instruction
How to take care of your cashmere:
hand-wash cold with a small amount of gentle wool detergent. Do not wring when
wet and rinse profusely with running water. Do not tumble dry, only dry flat, taking
care of getting rid of excess water dabbing with a towel. You can also dry clean.